GNSS Technology

Outcome (diploma or credits): PhD degree in GNSS technologies
Duration: 3 Years, 180 credits
Application Deadline: 15 September 2015
Tuition fee: 150 000 RUR per year
Enrollment status: full-time
Duration: 3 years
Qualification: PhD Degree



The curriculum includes the following advanced courses: Kalman filtering, Satellite orbits and other courses, useful for PhD students for writing a dissertation, participation in research projects, etc. The major part of the research work is focused on developing new algorithms for advanced GNSS applications.
Required background: Fundamentals of DSP, fundamentals of digital electronics and microprocessors, MATLAB programming, GNSS theory and applications.
The aim of the program is to prepare highly qualified scientists, capable to develop hardware and software for GNSS data processing, and perform research in the subject area.
Professional skills
The graduates will obtain the following professional skills:
- Using GNSS technologies for positioning tasks;
- Development of new techniques of positioning using GNSS;
- Performing research in the area of GNSS;
- Development of models and algorithms used in positioning.

Brief Description of the PhD Program 


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