Specialty 210601.65 (11.05.01) "Radio-electronic systems and complexes"

Qualification of the graduate: engineer
Graduate Departments: Radio Engineering

Institute of Electronics and Instrumentation (IEP) trains specialists - developers control and navigation systems for aviation and rocketry.

Radar systems and complexes belong to a class of information systems and play a decisive role in modern science and technology. Radar, radio navigation systems, traffic control ground, air and space objects, optical and laser systems of - this is an incomplete list of tasks in this direction. Immeasurably great role of radio in aviation and astronautics. It is impossible to imagine a global satellite system GLONASS and GPS without modern radio equipment.

Radio systems and systems are widely used in scientific research, medicine, metrology, geology, physics, studies of near-Earth space, near and far space.

Development and operation of these unique complexity of systems may only experts of the highest level. Preparation of Engineers conducted on the Radio Engineering Department within the specialty 210601. The students get fundamental physical and mathematical and computer training, master modern methods of analysis of radio signals, the synthesis of complex radio systems using the latest advances in information technology.

Graduates of a specialty 210601.65 (11.05.01) in demand on the labor market, not only in the Volga region, but also on the profile of the leading enterprises of Russia radio engineering. This graduate can successfully use their training as industrial enterprises and scientific research institutes.

Preparations specialists with computers, programming and mathematical modeling.

Main subjects studied:

  • Fundamentals of the theory of vibrations
  • The theory of the electromagnetic field
  • Electrodynamics and Propagation
  • Radio Circuits and Signals
  • Basics of computer-aided design and simulation of RES
  • Circuit design of analog electronic devices
  • Applied Informatics
  • Electronic and quantum devices
  • Antennas
  • networking Technology
  • Systems of design automation RES
  • Basic research
  • Devices of reception and signal conversion

Education for a number of disciplines, using modern information technology, held in SSAU Media Center, as well as display the classes of the Institute of Electronics and Instrumentation.