Direction of preparation 201000.68 (12.04.04) "Biotechnical Systems and Technologies"

Graduate qualification: master

Graduate Departments: Laser and biotechnical systems

The names of master's programs:

  The program aims to develop and promote modern high technologies in the field of modern effective means of medical diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of vital parameters of the human body. The focus is on the creation of instruments and devices of functional diagnostics and physiotherapy equipment. The program focuses :
     - training Masters in "Biotechnical system and tech-nology," capable of conducting research, formulate and solve complex scientific and technical problems;
     - building skills project work focused on obtaining new results in the field of bioengineering;
     - the use of advanced micro and nano-electronics achievements and other pro-discontinuous technologies;
     - the use of modern aspects of simulation IC-follow activities of physiological systems of the body.

  The program is designed to address the academic council of the university master's degree program at the Faculty of Radio Engineering. Graduate Departments of this master's program is the Department of laser and biotechnical systems.

Features of the master's program:

     - Engaging lectures scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences and leading specialists in laser biomedicine and microelectronics;
     - Conduct training (Research Practice) on the basis of leading foreign and domestic universities and research organizations;
     - Participation of each of a student in actual research projects, including international ones, in the modeling of physiological processes and the design of devices and systems for clinical monitoring;
     - Participation in scientific conferences, seminars, symposiums;
    - Work on high-tech equipment, the use of modern software packages OrCAD, MatLab, Altium Designer, etc.
The main disciplines that define the theme of the curriculum:

  • Methods of mathematical processing of medical and biological data;
  • Biological systems and technologies;
  • Telemedicine systems;
  • Apparatus for ultrasound;
  • Systems of electrical organs and tissues;
  • Methods and tools for clinical monitoring;
  • Laser monitoring system;
  • Diagnostic Tools of the cardiovascular system;
  • Methods of computer image processing in ophthalmology;
  • Computed tomography.

  The training used equipment and training materials produced and developed under the national project "Education" program of the National Inves-dovatelskogo University, including:
     - Laboratory of medical laser systems.
     - Laboratory of digital and analog electronics.
     - Laboratory measurement transducers and sensors.
     - Small business - engineering and medical center "New instruments".
     - Research laboratory "Photonics".
    - Research Laboratory "BIOTECNICAL systems and technologies".

   As part of the master's program the cooperation with enterprises health:
     - Samara Regional Clinical Oncology Center;
     - Samara Diagnostic Center;
     - Clinics of Samara State Medical University;
     - JSC "Medical equipment";
     - Engineering and Medical Center "New instruments";
     - Institute of Experimental Medicine and Biotechnology.