Direction of preparation 201000.62 (12.03.04) "Biotechnical Systems and Technologies"

Qualification of the graduate: Bachelor, Master
Graduate Departments: Laser and biotechnical systems

Preparations graduates with the necessary knowledge for research, development and exploitation of biotechnical and medical electronic devices and computer systems for various applications:

  • in health care is the medical-diagnostic equipment and computer systems;
  • Aviation and astronautics - biomedical equipment life support systems and medical monitoring, research equipment biosatellites;
  • in man-machine systems - biotechnical devices computer terminals;
  • in robotics - robotic bionic devices;

Professional experience includes graduate fields of engineering systems and technologies, which are incorporated into the structure of any living systems related to the control and management of living systems and the provision of their life, as well as maintaining optimum conditions of employment rights.

The objects of professional activity are:

  • devices, systems and complexes of medical-biological and environmental purposes;
  • methods and technologies of the medical-technical, ecological and ergonomic research;
  • automated processing of biomedical and environmental information;
  • biotechnical control system, in which the circuit as a control unit including a human operator;

Studied disciplines:

  • modeling biological processes and systems;
  • biophysical bases of living systems;
  • management in biotechnological systems;
  • parts and biotechnical systems;
  • biotechnical systems for medical purposes;
  • equipment for biomedical research in space;
  • computer processing system of biomedical signals;
  • network technologies;

Areas of employment of graduates:

Departments in the research, development, series production and testing of biotech and medical devices;

Medical institutions, diagnostic centers:
The units use sophisticated medical equipment, research laboratories, departments of information and metrology;

Organization for the supply of medical equipment:
Marketing, service, maintenance of medical equipment.