Direction of preparation 200500.62 (12.03.05) "Laser equipment and laser technology"

Qualification of the graduate: bachelor
Graduate Departments: Laser and biotechnical systems

Lasers - the basis of the latest information technology, communications and navigation. Integration of electronic, optical, laser systems in the industry, and the unification of the intensive development of fiber technology, optoelectronics, means of technical and biomedical diagnostics, control and monitoring of the environment is unthinkable without laser technology.

Our graduates are in demand in the leading Russian and foreign companies. Objects of professional activity of graduates:

  • Design, development and operation of the laser and optoelectronic devices, systems and technological complexes of different purposes;
  • Laser and optical technology, including aerospace, medical, micro- and nanotechnologies;
  • Technology and automation of measurements;
  • Software and computer modeling;
  • The use of modern element base of electrical engineering, electronics and optoelectronics, microprocessor technology;