Department of Radio Engineering

The department conducts training of students in a university laboratory circuit design of analog electronic devices, and digital pulse devices electrodynamics of antennas and microwave devices, microwave equipment, radio systems, devices receive and convert signals, radio circuits and signals, digital signal processing and microprocessor technology, devices and generating a signal generating bases television and data transmission systems.

Students receive academic and industrial practices in the leading enterprises in Samara, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Ryazan, Ulyanovsk, Kazan. The educational process is provided with the necessary teaching materials.

The list of professions and specialties for which the Department is issuing:
03.11.01 "Radio engineering"
11.04.01 "Radio engineering" (Master)
11.05.01 "Radio-electronic systems and complexes"

Department is also involved in the training of engineers in the field of:
- "Design and technology of electronic means."
- "Electronics and nanoelectronics."
- "Biotechnical Systems and Technologies".
- "Laser Technology and Laser Technology"

Scientific Divisions of the Department

The department operates a research laboratory "Radio-electronic systems and devices", which conducted a large amount of scientific papers on topics related to the development and research of new methods of non-destructive testing, diagnosis and monitoring of the operational status of elements moving parts of power units for use in the aerospace, energy and other industries; with research and development of the instrument and component framework for air navigation antenna complexes. The staff of the department are actively involved in the development of equipment for space research.

The main directions of scientific research conducted by teachers of the department:

  • Development of equipment for space experiments to study the characteristics of the spacecraft and micrometeoroids to measure electromagnetic fields, for the registration of space debris.
  • The development of a computer model of a high-resolution radar to generate detailed radar pictures of the object.
  • Develop a core technology of the unified electronic signal processing module inverter angular and linear movement through the microwave waveguide structures.
  • Develop discrete phase displacement transducers determining accident elements rotating parts in the event of defects.
  • development and technical implementation of algorithms for digital formation of spectra of signals by FPGA.
  • development and technical implementation of algorithms for digital signal correction by the high power amplifier predistortion of the input signal.
  • Development of discrete phase method for determining the oscillation rotating elements of power units based on measuring the Doppler signal.
  • The development of non-contact methods of determining the parameters of the oscillation of the blades of turbine units based on non-linear approximation of the primary signal converters.
  • The study potential uses of satellite multiposition radar systems for remote sensing of the earth.
  • Development of high-speed radio links for the transmission of large data streams (video) with a small spacecraft and apparatus for scientific purposes on ground point.
  • Development of software measurement system of rapid assessment of the electrical impedance of biological experiments in space-based.
  • Development and implementation of algorithms for the construction of an antenna phased array microwave transmitter with three-dimensional by adding the power of the microwave radiation.

Successfully conducted the research work of students. They participate in a competition for the best student work in the engineering and scientific work on the development and establishment of electronic equipment:

  • for space research;
  • converters to determine the oscillation parameters blading power units based on measuring the Doppler signal;
  • sensors to determine the hardness of the surface of metallic materials;
  • to determine the operational status of the gears energonagruzhennyh gear systems;
  • to measure the torsional vibration of the rotors of gas-turbine engines.

The results of their research papers, students reported and discussed at the provincial, regional and all-Russian scientific and technical conferences (Moscow, Ryazan, Kazan, Tomsk, Taganrog). The effectiveness of student work is confirmed in further articles in major scientific journals, applications for invention patents and obtain a regional, Russian and international grants and diplomas.

With the active participation of students of the Department of Radio Engineering developed:

  • Research instruments mounted on the spacecraft, "Mirage-M2", "Calm", "Clean", "detector micrometeoroids";
  • deformation monitoring system status steam turbine blades.
  • multi-channel digital-phase inverter to monitor the operational status of the blades of gas turbine engines (the finishing stage of development).
  • primary microwave transmitters.

The department successfully working postgraduate (supervisors: Dr AI Danilin, Professor) in areas of training and profiles:

  • 03.06.01 - (01.04.01) - Devices and methods of experimental physics.
  • 09.06.01 - (05.13.05) - Elements and devices of computer facilities and control systems.
  • 11.06.01 - (05.12.13) - Systems, networks and devices of telecommunications.

Head of the department:
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
Alexander Danilin
Phone: 267-45-49