Department nanoengineering


Today, the prefix "nano" on hearing of many people. As a rule, it is mentioned to draw attention to the small geometric dimensions of objects ("applied" - the Greek dwarf, 1 nanometer = 1 billionth of a meter). However, from a professional point of view of the "nano" to say only if these small geometric dimensions lead to:
- the emergence of fundamentally new, sometimes unexpected properties of known materials and facilities;
- the possibility of establishing technical devices with new functionality;
- the manifestation of quantum-mechanical effects;

The department "Nanoengineering" conducted training of specialists in the field of methods and technologies for the design and manufacture of micro- and nanodevices intended for advanced electronic and optoelectronic information systems.
Given the high research intensity and rapid dynamics of development destinations "Nanotechnology" and "Nanomaterials", the main priority is given to the educational process:

- the fundamental physical and mathematical training of the graduates;
- active use of modern analytical and technological research equipment in the educational process;
- on widespread use of computer technology in the research and design and technological practices;
- the involvement of all students (as part of the learning process) to the research activities of the department in order to form skills of independent work in the direction of preparation.

The main directions of scientific research are:
- Micro- and nanoelectronics;
- synthesis and study of micro-elements and nanophotonics;
- computer modeling of micro- and nanostructures.
There is a Master in the direction "03.04.01 «Applied Mathematics and Physics »", as well as postgraduate studies:
01.04.01. «Devices and methods of experimental physics».

Head of the department:
Professor Pavelyev Vladimir Sergeyevich

e-mail: nanо
phone: 2674843