Department of Electrical Engineering

The department conducted training of students of electrical engineering faculties of the University. In addition to electrical disciplines Profile Department conducts training of students of the Institute of space engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Institute of Electronics and Instrumentation Faculty of Informatics and 12 majors in the field of metrology and measurement technology, radioautomatics, fiber optic circuit design, industrial and onboard electric equipment and electronics .

Training laboratory of the department are equipped with modern stands, computer equipment, measuring devices and virtual measuring instruments. All kinds of studies provided with the necessary teaching materials.

Scientific direction of the department - the electromagnetic and optoelectronic means for collecting and processing information. Within the scientific orientation of students of the department published more than 1,000 scientific papers. The priority of the studies confirmed more than 400 of copyright certificates and patents for inventions. The department successfully operates postgraduate and doctoral studies. Over the past 15 years through post-graduate and doctoral prepared more than 25 candidates and 10 doctors.

The department pays great attention to attracting students to the scientific and technical work. Some students involved in scientific work at the department, apply for invention, published scientific papers, successfully participate in a competition for the best student work. The most active and talented students the opportunity to admission to graduate school immediately after graduation.
Head of the department:
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
Grechishnikov Vladimir Mikhailovich

Phone.: 267-45-54