Department design and technology of electronic systems and devices

During training at the department uses modeling, problem situations, ranking control, business games, conferences, abstracting, group design, elements of scientific research.

Classes are conducted by experienced teachers. Among them 5 professors (M.N.Piganov, V.A.Zelensky, V.N.Nesterov) and 9 associate professors.

Scientific Divisions of the Department

The department operates a research laboratory of microelectronics and technology (RL-39). Supervisor is Prof. Piganov MN

The main directions of scientific research conducted by teachers of the department:
- design and production of aircraft electronics;
- the development of scientific instruments for space exploration;
- microassemblages technology;
- quality control and rejection circuits and other electric articles;
- Individual forecasting of indicators of quality and on-board microassemblages of electronics;
- improving the accuracy and stability of microelectronic devices;
- increasing the reliability of the RECs.

Part of the research conducted at the Institute of Space Device Engineering (IKP). Supervisor is Prof. Siomkin ND

Students take an active part in the implementation of R & D within the department KiPRES, RL-39, PCI. According to the results of completed studies, students annually publish 30 to 50 articles. The best works submitted for the All-Russian contest. Following the contest, students are awarded diplomas of the department.

The department has a doctorate successfully working postgraduate study on specialties:
05.12.13 - «Systems, networks and devices of telecommunications»
05.13.05 - «Elements and devices of computer facilities and control systems»

Head of Department:
Candidate of Technical Sciences
Tyulevin Sergey Viktorovich

тел.: 334-74-43, 267-45-39