Student design-engineering department

skb Student Design Bureau Institute of electronics and Instrument engineering (SKB-5) was established in accordance with the order of the rector SSAU №137-0 от 31.05.06.

SKB-5 created in order to improve the training of highly qualified specialists at the University of owning modern technologies of development of electronic equipment, and to ensure favorable conditions for self-realization of gifted students.

SKB-5 is a structural subdivision of Samara State Aerospace University and is part of the research part (SRP).
Scientific research and design work done by students in the CSC:

on a contractual basis for orders Intrahigh (departments, laboratories, centers, etc.) and contracts with various organizations;

programs financed from the state budget of the Russian Federation, according to the thematic plan of scientific research institution, including the initiative and exploratory work.

The main activities of SKB-5:
providing an enabling environment and implementing an effective mechanism for additional forms of education, training, research and production activities, the development of the creative potential of gifted students;
 effective use of the intellectual potential of university staff in the training of young scientists and highly skilled staff for universities and research centers;
 preparation of the teaching staff, possessing an unusual creative approach to solving technological and scientific problems;
 development of promising electronic means and technologies of their production;
development and production of laboratory equipment for the needs of the radio department;
repair and preventive maintenance of measuring equipment and laboratory equipment. Schedule and kind of employment

skbCalendar visits to SKB-5 formed in consultation with the schedule of basic training of students. Brigadier type of work: students form groups of 6 people in each.

The research work of students in SKB should help deepen and consolidate the knowledge acquired during the training.

SKB-5 works closely with "Innosvet"

skbThe company "Innosvet" organized by three founders: Samara State Aerospace University, Image Processing Systems Institute RAS, private person - Zryaschevym Anton Sergeyevich. The main goal is the commercialization of intellectual property research centers within the additions to the federal law №217. Among the post-graduate students engaged in research, manufacturing activity in the SKB-5 enterprise selects the most talented young people to work.

Contact Information:
for junior courses
Address: Samara, Moskovskoe shosse 34, building 3, ground floor (located on the territory of the Institute of Space Research)
Phone.: + 7 (846) 267-45-37; e-mail:
courses for seniors
Address: Samara, Moskovskoe shosse, 34, 3a building, ground floor
Phone.: + 7 (846) 267-48-38; e-mail:
LLC "Innosvet"
Phone .: +7 (846) 267-48-38;
Mobile: +7 (917) 151-32-39 (seer Anton Sergeevich); e-mail: