Student council

   Council of students - is the body autonomous of the student government. In other words, it is organization of socially active students, created for achieving specific goals. Couincil follows the main rule: student life should be colorful. First general meeting decided to create 6 areas (scientific, entertainment, sports, news, healthy lifestyle and student associations), and appointed the chairman and responsible persons for each of divisions.

   What are the main objectives of the Council, which students want to achieve in the nearest future? First of all - organization of various events, participation in festivals and competitions, visiting exhibitions, concerts and forth. Council givies each participant the experience of communicating with people, opportunity of meeting new people, experience of creation, organizing and conducting projects, events and festivals, help in the realization of their creative, scientific and other talents.

   We hope that the Council will become an effective mechanism for the implementation of interesting ideas. If you want to influence on happening events, to know about all the events, we are waiting you!